How to get to the B & B


Our address: B & B Pontecucco - Cervia on Pro, 1896-47522 Cesena FC
Important Information for GPS: Set your goal as location 'Cesena' and Provincial Cervese road (be careful because Cervese road is another way)
Directions from the A14 motorway - Cesena (South) 4.8 km, about 8 min

  • At the first roundabout take the first exit for 0.1 km Cervese Underpass
  • At the second roundabout take the first exit underpass Cervese/SS71bis
  • Follow for 1.9 km SS71bis
  • Turn left on SP70 (Provincial Cervese) for 2.2 km
  • Check in at number 1896


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Bed&Breakfast Pontecucco

Ms. Alba and Mr. Matteo

Via Provinciale Cervese, 1896

Pontecucco - 47522 - Cesena (FC)